The deadline is September 14, 2024
China Guangzhou
Style instructions for Abstracts

1. Abstracts should have a typing area: width 12 cm, height 20 cm; font type, Times New Roman; font size, 12; single-spaced, page layout set at justify. The word limit for the complete abstract should be approximately 200-400 words. See abstract example
2. The abstract should have three to four sections: the title, author(s) and affiliation(s), body of the abstract and additional information (optional). There should be a space (size 12) between each section. Please note that the whole abstract (including all the below sections) must fit on one page.
i) Abstract title: Bold, sentence style: first letter in capital, rest in lower case letters; no full stop at the end
ii) Author(s) and affiliation(s): Full names of all authors (with the name of the author who will present the paper underlined), no titles, no full stop at the end, no bold. Author names should be listed in this order: first name, middle name or initial wit h full stop, and last name. Next line will be the complete address and institution of each author. No line space should appear between author(s) and affiliation(s). When there is more than one affiliation, use superscripted numbers after each author and before the corresponding affiliation. Each affiliation must include the city. After each different affiliation use a semicolon, not a full stop. If the affiliations are in the same country, the country should be mentioned only once at the end. The following line (no space), may include the e-mail address of the presenting author as follows: E-mail:, no fax or telephone numbers.
iii) Body of the abstract: One paragraph, first line not indented
iv)Additional information, such as financial support, key words, acknowledgements, references, comments, can be included in this section.

Example of Abstract


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