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About Spandidos Press

Founded in 1992, Spandidos Publications has grown to become a leading publishing group in the biomedical sciences. At present, 12 journals are published: International Journal of Molecular Medicine, International Journal of Oncology, Molecular Medicine Reports, Oncology Reports, Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, and Oncology Letters、Biomedical Reports、Molecular and Clinical Oncology、World Academy of Sciences Journal、International Journal of Functional Nutrition and Medicine International。 All journals published by Spandidos Publications maintain high quality standards, and its editorial board members are world-renowned scientists, currently with more than 100 employees, offices in Athens and London, and high-quality submissions from authors from all over the world, including Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Spandidos Publishing has organized more than 20 conferences in the field of oncology and molecular medicine, with the aim of encouraging scientific exchange and clarity, and facilitating international cooperation between established and expanding research groups around the world. With 1,300,000 page views per month in 2018 and a high international readership in the relevant field of study, Spandidos Publications offers articles for free 12 months after publication and is also immediately open access, subject to an article processing fee. More reading

About Dr. Demetrios A. Spandidos:

Demetrios A. Spandidos博士 Demetrios A. Spandidos is a Greek virologist and cancer researcher, professor emeritus at the University of Crete, Greece, where he was Professor of Virology from 1989 to 2015, founded Spandidos Publishing House in 1992, and currently serves as editor-in-chief of 12 journals. In 1971, Spandidos received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and was elected a member of the European Academy of Sciences in 2022. Details

Guangdong Cancer Rehabilitation Society

Guangdong Cancer Rehabilitation Association is a provincial academic social organization jointly initiated by Academician Tang Zhaoyou, Professor Xu Kecheng and Dr. Ren Sheng in 2014, and voluntarily composed of a group of experts, scholars, scientific and technological workers and entrepreneurs dedicated to the study of cancer rehabilitation medicine, and approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. The society focuses on genetic diagnosis and screening, the latest clinical treatment options, molecular imaging, drug targeted discovery and big data technology, and widely unites and promotes the exchange, sharing and joint platform of well-known institutions in different fields such as medical and health care, life omics, biomedicine, big data, policy research, financial investment, etc., does not forget the original intention, closely contacts with government departments, promotes communication and collaboration between government, industry, academia, research and application, and leads the development of cancer rehabilitation medicine in the direction of standardization, standardization and science. By gradually promoting the implementation of the project, we will promote the research and application of cancer rehabilitation medicine and promote the development of the cancer rehabilitation medicine industry. We will forge ahead on the road of pursuing the dream of developing cancer rehabilitation medicine in China.


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