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China Guangzhou
Guangzhou International Business Incubator

Guangzhou International Business Incubator is a state-level incubator invested by the municipal government in Guangzhou Science City, and is one of the nine "International Business Incubator Pilot Units" identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology. After 20 years of operation and exploration and practice, it has formed the characteristic advantages of biomedical enterprises, professional technology platforms and high-end scientific and technological talents, and has become the most influential brand in the region.


Global Academic Publishing Service (GAPS) is a professional service organization focusing on the international publishing of Chinese journals and the introduction of international journals into China. Our vision is to be the world's leading journal publisher agency with a mission to empower publishers and promote academic exchange and collaboration through the values of excellence, collaboration, innovation and integrity. After several years of accumulation of relevant scientific research experts, GAPS has developed into a professional publishing service organization integrating publishing agency services, academic conference holding and journal event management services, committed to helping Chinese journals expand their influence in the international academic community, and at the same time providing support for international journals to obtain broader readers and cooperation opportunities in the Chinese market. International Publishing of Chinese Journals: We provide a range of publishing services for Chinese journals, including academic editing, post-production, typesetting, cover design, translation and polishing, etc. We focus on ensuring the quality and professionalism of our journals in order to enhance their international impact and readability. International Journals Introduce Chinese Agency Cooperation: We cooperate with international journals and are committed to bringing excellent international journals to the Chinese market. We provide promotion, subscription and sales agency services for international journals through partnerships with universities, academic institutions and libraries in China to help international journals reach a wider readership in China

Teno Technology

After several years of careful building, Tenuo Technology has grown into a leading domestic brand dedicated to all-discipline paper services. Now it is a global comprehensive paper service enterprise integrating scientific research paper editing and publishing, writing training, project design, fund application guidance, experimental technology and other businesses. For a long time, Tenuo Technology has been adhering to the mission of "focusing on scientific research papers and helping academic development", adhering to the corporate vision of "becoming a global comprehensive paper service enterprise", relying on a strong professional team, adhering to the values of "efficiency, professionalism, safety, quality and convenience", and establishing a good reputation and reputation in the industry. As a leader in China's paper market, Teno escorts the scientific research path of scientific researchers with its rich experimental technical resources and service experience

Biomedical Committee of Shanghai Invention Association

Founded in 1986 with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Shanghai Association of Inventions is a science and technology organization under the supervision of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The core task of the Biomedical Professional Committee of Shanghai Invention Association is based on the development status and trend of China's biopharmaceutical industry, aiming at the specific needs of the main body (scientists, doctors, engineers, intellectual property professional managers, etc.) in different types of innovation and entrepreneurship institutions such as hospitals, universities, institutes, enterprises, etc., and using legal tools, industrial tools, and innovation tools. Provide cooperation and services with the layout, generation, protection, application and rights protection of invention and innovation as the core.


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