The deadline is September 14, 2024
China Guangzhou

With Greece as the birthplace of Western civilization and China as the ancient civilization of the East, we are pleased to announce that Spandidos Publications, based in Athens, Greece, will hold the 28th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine (ISMM28) in November 2024 in Guangzhou, China. This is an attention-grabbing conference for medical communication between the West and the East, providing a unprecedented exchange channel for the global academic community.

ISMM28 will focus on the latest research findings and cutting-edge technologies in the field of molecular medicine, with leading experts and scholars gathering from all over the world. ISMM28 creates a broad academic platform where participants will have the opportunity to share their research results, exchange academic views, and discuss the future direction of molecular medicine.

*We sincerely invite professionals, scholars, and researchers in the field of molecular medicine from all over the world to participate in this international event! Let's join hands together to promote the development of molecular medicine and contribute to human health and well-being!

Researchers are invited to participate in the ISMM28 conference and to submit academic papers (deadline: July 31). Selected paper will be officially published in the SCI indexed journal(s) of Spandidos. Looking forward to meeting you in Guangzhou, China!

About Submission

Scope: Basic and clinical medicine; pharmacy; biology


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Deadline:July 31, 2024

Notification of the Conference

First round conference notice

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